Kluge-Ruhe Gallery 2015

18 August 2015 - 20 December 2015

400 Worrell Drive, Charlottesville, Virginia, NC, USA

where the water moves, where it rests is an exhibition featuring bark painting and print by acclaimed Aboriginal artist Djambawa Marawili AM (Yolngu). The detailed works embody Ancestral beings Baru, the crocodile, and Burrit’tji, the rainbow lightening serpent, and are a physical manifestation of the sovereign right over his country, where the fresh water meets the saltwater and all that runs in between. The art of Djambawa Marawili is a powerful meditation on the strong living culture of Yolngu people of northeast Arnhem Land, Australia. Through this exhibition, the ever present connection to land, community and culture is expressed and generously shared. Djambawa’s works communicate a deep cultural knowledge that comes from the beginning, from Wangarr; the time before the first morning.

Kluge-Ruhe of the University of Virginia


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