Bawaka Yunupiŋu
The Turtle Story
ID: 3935-17


ID: 3935-17

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Bawaka Yunupiŋu
Prints – Linocut
Image: 45 x 60cm, Paper: 56.5 x 76.5cm BFK Rives
Year: 2017
ID: 3935-17

The Turtle Story

Dion is the son to Banduk Marika.

As told by the artist:

‘This image goes way back from my childhood memories.

This print is about the turtle season. The female turtle comes up onto the beach to lay her eggs. The tide is high and there is a full moon. The night sky has shooting stars and the barge is off in the distance. The turtle tracks going up the beach are seen in the print, the turtle will then dig a hole and lay the eggs and then cover them over with sand.

The turtle is heavy and tired after the long journey to the nesting place.

The sharks are swimming around the turtle in the high tide water.

The sharks know the turtle is exhausted and slow and sometimes after she enters the water they attack, eating the arms and head.

The design of the water represents the waters that lie between the mainland at Yirrkala and Dhambaliya (Bremer Island). The other fish are swimming are ŋoykal (Trevally) and there is also a squid. The moon rays can be seen through the central area of the print.’

Printed 2017

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