Baluka Maymuru
Djarrakpi 70A
Image: 25 x 50cm, Paper: 40 X 50cm HAHNEMUHLE
ID: 259-16


ID: 259-16

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Baluka Maymuru
Image: 25 x 50cm, Paper: 40 X 50cm HAHNEMUHLE
Year: 2016
ID: 259-16

Djarrakpi 70A

As told by the artist:

‘ln this print the waŋa (place) is Djarrakpi. This is what Djarrakpi looks like.
The Gulun (billabong) is called Gaŋaruŋu.
The sand dune is in the background.
Guwak (Koel Cuckoo) sits in the tree, this tree is known as the Marawili tree.
Wayin (Guwak) is looking for the wind to blow from the Waŋupini (cloud).
We sing about waŋupini and the sand dune in ceremony.

There is a special place called Garrparra close to the sea side.

The spears (gara) all belong to Yiŋapuŋapa (burial ground). The Madarrpa, Maŋgalili and Dhalwaŋu clans all share the Yiŋapuŋapu.

The Maŋgalili are the buŋgawa (head person) for this ceremony.
My fathers Narritjin and Nanyin were the leaders and they gave that leadership to me.
After seeing these drawings (Berndt crayon drawings) by my fathers I wanted to do a print so I too could draw Djarrakpi using this printing.’

Printed May 2008
Berndt Etching


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