Lirrtjila 2 Munuŋgurr
Image size: 50cm x 46cm Paper size:77cm x 57cm Hanhemuhle
ID: 4214-20


ID: 4214-20

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Lirrtjila 2 Munuŋgurr
Image size: 50 x 46cm Paper size:77 x 57cm Hanhemuhle
Year: 2020
ID: 4214-20

Gathal (Mangrove trees)

As told by the artist:

“When the tide is going down it is the best time for hunting in the mangroves. Our old people taught us that. When my family goes hunting, we always wait for the tide to go out.

The mangroves have been there for a very, very long time, and there is so much ŋatha (food) living amongst them. We collect mud-mussels, mangrove oysters and mangrove worms. The mangroves have lots of mud crabs living underneath the roots too, hiding. Mud crabs live in holes in the mud, inside the mangrove forest.

When you know what to look for, mud crabs are easy to find. When we see a mud crab hiding in the mangroves, we sneak up on it quietly, and spear it through the shell. Later after hunting, when we all come together, we make a fire and cook the crabs until they’re orange, then they’re ready to eat.

For this print, I carved two different lino tiles and printed them on top of each other. This is my second ever print at Yirrkala Print Space. When I carved this design, I was just thinking back to the mangroves, and where I like going go to get ŋatha with my family.”

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