Yalpi Yunupiŋu
Gumatj 72A
Image: 25 x 50cm, Paper: 40 x 60cm HAHNEMUHLE
ID: 263-16


ID: 263-16

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Yalpi Yunupiŋu
Image: 25 x 50cm, Paper: 40 x 60cm HAHNEMUHLE
Year: 2016
ID: 263-16

Gumatj 72A

As told by the artist:

‘The man at the top is a Yolŋu. He has no Miny’tji (design) on his chest. This man is known as Maralitja (top Gumatj). The men with the X design are called Balaŋarrtji (bottom Gumatj). Both are Gumatj men.

Maralitja and Balaŋarrtji cover both gapu (water) side and land side.
They sing the same Manikay (songs), have the same painting and are all Gumatj.

The turtle is called Guwarrtji.
The hill design is the land at Biranybirany (Gumatj homeland).
The top land is the cliffs at Biranybirany where we get yellow ochre.
The two Balaŋarrtji men are telling about this place called Gurŋa
The blue lines represent Gapu (water).
Yellow lines represent ochre cliffs which are sitting next to the water.
The Dharpa (tree) is called Gudurri. This is used for fire stick. There are plenty at Biranybirany.’

Printed Basil Hall Edition June 2008
Berndt Etching


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