Baraganybuy Cynthia Wunuŋmurra Bathi 36cm x 52cmID: 2796-24

Baraganybuy Cynthia Wunuŋmurra
36cm x 52cm

ID: 2796-24

baraganybuy-cynthia wununmurraGunga (Pandanus Spiralis) and natural dyes36cm x 52cmYear: 2024ID: 2796-24Bathi The age old practice of weaving baskets from the leaves of Pandanus continues today. Making these things is very labour intensive. Gathering the materials can...


ganybu-mununggurrHomeland: Waṉḏawuy Clan: Djapu Moiety: DhuwaI completed my year 12 studies and graduated in 2007. The studies I enjoyed the best were science, vocational studies and music. I started working at Buku Larrŋgay Mulka in 2007 after graduation. I’m...