Gunybi GanambarrMungurru 80F40 x 40cmID: 285-16

Gunybi Ganambarr
Mungurru 80F
40 x 40cm

ID: 285-16

Gunybi GanambarrEtching40 x 40cmYear: 2016ID: 285-16 Mungurru 80F This describes an incident in Gunybi’s life from which he still bears the scars. Whilst fishing in Blue Mud Bay with his family and two other men at the age of 12 an accident happened. A large...
Gunybi GanambarrMungurru99 x 54cm Paper: HAHNEMUHLEID: 282-16

Gunybi Ganambarr
99 x 54cm Paper: HAHNEMUHLE

ID: 282-16

Gunybi GanambarrLinocut99 x 54cm Paper: HAHNEMUHLEYear: 2016ID: 282-16 Mungurru This is Gunybi’s mother clan, the Dhalwangu. The parallel wavy lines take the flow of water to the open ocean, Mungurru. It is here on the horizon that the waters from other Yirritja...


Homeland Yangunbi – Set amongst wetlands rich in water chestnut and mangroves rich in stingray on the Western shore of Melville Bay near the mouth of the Giddy River. Group Gapiny Language Dhangu Surname Ganambarr Spiritual Themes Djanda – is a water goanna which...

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Welcome to Yirrkala Print Studio at Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka. Yirrkala Print Studio is one of the Australia’s premier print studios specialising in limited edition works on paper produced on its own press. The intricacies of each new technique – from Japanese woodblocks,...