RalwurrandjiWanambi (dec)

Wanambi (dec)

ralwurrandji-wanambi-decHomeland: Gurka’wuy Clan: Marrakulu, Dhurili Moiety: DhuwaFather is Mithili, deceased leader of the Marrakulu clan and documented artist. Ralwurrandji married Maḏarrpa artist Nuwandjali with whom she resides at his country at...

Marawili AM

djambawa-marawili-amHomeland: Bäniyala / Yilpara Clan: Yithuwa Maḏarrpa Moiety: YirritjaDjambawa Marawili is an artist who has experienced mainstream success but for whom the production of art is a small part of a much bigger picture. Djambawa’s principal role...


dhurrumuwuy-marikaHomeland: Gangan Clan: Rirratjiŋu Moiety: DhuwaDhurrumuwuy’s father is senior Rirratjiŋu statesman, Bakamumu Marika . His grandfather, the late Roy Dadanyga Marika (c.1931-1993), is known as the Father of Land Rights. Dhurrumuwuy’s mother...
Ralwurrandji Wanambi (dec)Bamurruŋu53 x 98cmID: 4158O

Ralwurrandji Wanambi (dec)
53 x 98cm

ID: 4158O

ralwurrandji wanambi-decEarth pigments on Stringybark53 x 98cmYear: 2012ID: 4158OBamurruŋuThis work is a radical departure in style. It marks the time when her sister was gravely ill and there was a ferment of homeland artists in attendance at Yirrkala over a period...


Homeland Yangunbi – Set amongst wetlands rich in water chestnut and mangroves rich in stingray on the Western shore of Melville Bay near the mouth of the Giddy River. Group Gapiny Language Dhangu Surname Ganambarr Spiritual Themes Djanda – is a water goanna which...