Homeland: Dhuruputjpi
Clan: Dhudi-Djapu
Moiety: Dhuwa

Bandarr is the son of Dhukaḻ Wirrpanda and Galuma Maymuru. These two are famous artists who have worked and exhibited from their remote homeland of Dhuruputjpi since the 1980s. They are each knowledgeable and creative artists. Dhuka` is a senior lawman who has been involved in all the major political and art projects of the 90’s onwards including driving the Dhåkiyarr memorial and film. Bandarr’s brother-in-law is Djambawa Marawili. Bandarr is a participant in sacred and secret ceremonial matters. He had his first exhibition, as one of the five young men chosen to appear in the Young Guns exhibition of up and coming Yolŋu artists in Sydney in 2006.

As the great grandson of Dhakiyarr (alleged killer of Constable McColl), Bandarr was part of the Wukidi ceremony in Darwin June 2003, which saw the Dhudi-djapu clan making peace with the McColl’s family in the high court through mechanisms of traditional Yolngu law.