Homeland: Gunyuŋara
Clan: Dhaḻwaŋu
Moiety: Yirritja

Daughter of Djul’djul Wunuŋmurra and granddaughter of the famous Gälpu clan artist Mithinarri Gurruwiwi.

Djul’djul’ inherited her precise painting and carving knowledge from Mithinarri which she has passed on to Bilarum.

Her father was Burrŋupurrŋu (Bruce) Wunuŋmurra, a highly respected yiḏaki player and maker. She often paints her mother’s Gälpu clan designs. These designs sometimes feature Wititj the olive python, djaykuŋ the file-snake and guḏurrku the brolga. At other times she will paint beautiful columns of diamonds, the sacred miny’tji belonging to her and her father’s Dhaḻwaŋu clan, representing the freshwater system where their creation ancestor Barama emerged from the water.