Homeland: Dhambaliya
Clan: Djambarrpuyŋu, Dhalpiyalpi
Moiety: Dhuwa

Datjuluma lives and works in Gunyangara (Ski Beach) in North East Arnhemland. She is married to Djawa Yunupingu senior Gumatj clan leader and younger brother of Galarrwuy Yunupiŋu one of the most senior Gumatj Clan leaders.

Her father Waratjima Guyula was part of a small number of Djambarrpuyŋu clan members who lived around Yirrkala whilst most of this large clan are based in Western Yolŋu country. There is an ancient sacred connection between this clan and the Rirratjiŋu landowners of Yirrkala stemming form a shared songline Djarrak – the sea tern. Her mother Naminapu Maymuru is a well known Maŋgalili artist whom is famous for her paintings of the Milŋiyawuy, Milky Way paintings as well as her more classical Maŋgalili bark paintings. Naminapu and her family were part of the thriving artist’s school which developed around her grandfathers Narritjin and Nanyin Maymuru. 

Datjuluma is following both her parents in there artistic careers and is forming a strong visual identity as a powerful artist in her own right.