Dhuwa moiety landowners of Southern Blue Mud bay area. They have a Yothu Yindi relationship with the Dhalwangu. Some members reside at Gangan. Their spiritual themes relate to the Two Sisters journeys.

Group Lulmarrangu

Language Dhay’yi

Surname Murrinyina

Spiritual Themes

Wukili – saltwater in Western Blue Mud Bay imbued with the arrival of the two sisters by canoe.

Wurrkadi – yams consumed by larvae of the horned beetle relates to Morning Star (Venus).

Modern History

The presence of members of this clan in the Miwatj region in the current era is limited to a few residents of Gangan. It seems that this clan drifted towards Rose River mission (Numbulwar) around the time of its establishment. Gawirrin Gumana is a descendant of this clan.