Homeland: Ŋaypinya
Clan: Gälpu, Gawurr
Moiety: Dhuwa

Djul’djul is the daughter of the famous Gälpu clan artist Mithinarri Gurruwiwi. She is a very precise and knowledgeable wood carver and painter. Together with her sister Manany and brother Watjuku (deceased) they have inherited a lot of painting knowledge and skill from their father. All three artists also share the same Gumatj mother, Duwambu Burarrwaŋa.

Djul’djul’s husband was Burrŋupurrŋu (Bruce) Wunuŋmurra (deceased), a highly respected yiḏaki player and maker. She painted the yiḏaki he made, often with Gälpu clan designs from her own clan. These designs sometimes feature Wititj the olive python, djaykuŋ the file-snake and guḏurrku the brolga. At other times they are decorated with beautiful columns of diamonds, the sacred miny’tji belonging to the Dhaḻwaŋu clan, representing the freshwater system where their creation ancestor Barama emerged from the water.

These yiḏaki are highly priced among collectors and players world-wide, being commonly referred to as some of the best works available. Djul’djul’s bark paintings, ḻarrakitj and carvings are now becoming sought after by dealers and collectors for their fine attention to detail. Recently she has also been producing worrwurr (owls) in collaboration with her sister Manany. 

In recent years, Didiwarr, one of her sons, has been making yiḏaki that she has been painting. These instruments are often decorated with a coiled djaykuŋ at the distal end. This is a new collaboration, continuing the legacy of their work with Burrŋupurrŋu.