Homeland: Gapuwiyak
Clan: Gupapuyŋu
Moiety: Yirritja

While growing up, Djulipiŋ spend a lot of time in Gapuwiyak where her Grandmother taught her how to weave. Her Grandmother took her along to go to harvest the Gunga (Pandanus spiralis), and to several spots for getting the different plants from which the Gunga can be dyed. She was always watching and learning and at one point she started helping until she knew how to to it by herself.

Now, Djulipiŋ teaches the practice and art of weaving to the kids at Gapuwiyak, sometimes at the School. 

She says that weaving is an everyday work for her. There are different steps in the process of one piece coming together. She explains that different days have different tasks. All the ladies of the family are involved in helping. One day, they go and collect the Gunga, which is then separated and dried. Another day they go and dig up roots or collect certain plants, for dying the Gunga, depending which colours they want to use. After the Gunga has been dyed and dried, the weaving can begin. All the different steps are done in an ongoing process where new colours and Gunga are added to existing pieces while new weavings are started in the same period of time.