Homeland: Dhalinybuy
Clan: Waŋgurri
Moiety: Yirritja

Galatharra is the daughter of Banbiyak and Mathulu Munyarryun. She has two  sisters (Nyedilmiwuy and Gidilpawuy) who are each one of many weavers at the Homeland of Dhalinybuy, where she has lived most of her life. Dhalinybuy is where her Mother and Grandmother always lived. These two women are also the ones who taught Galatharra and her two sisters the practice of weaving.

Since a young age, they learned how to weave, where and how to find the different plants and roots for colours, and how to dye the Gunga. Until today, the three sisters use the same locations that they had been shown by their Mother Banbiyak who was a famous weaver, and Grandmother, to find the colours. They do not share these locations with any non-family members. They keep exploring different dying techniques to get different colour arrangements. The patterns in the weaving were passed down from her Mother and Grandmother. They are like miny’tji (sacred design). 

Galatharra and her sisters now teach the weaving practice to their Grandchildren and there is one Granddaughter that is starting to pick it up at the moment.

Galatharra makes baskets, baby cots, baby rattles and earrings.  

Galatharra’s father teaches bark painting.