Homeland: Biranybirany / Dhanaya
Clan: Gumatj
Moiety: Yirritja

Gapanbulu is the grandson of Yothu Yindi lead singer Mandawuy Yunupiŋu, and for several years was the yiḏaki player with the band. As such, he has performed everywhere from small communities in Arnhem land to major events all over the world.

Through this travel, Gapanbulu has become well versed in the ways of the Western world, whilst also maintaining a strong standing within his own Gumatj clan and the wider community of Yolŋu people. This has given him a unique ability to relate to both worlds successfully, of which he frequently does.

Being an excellent yiḏaki player, he is able to identify and craft top quality instruments. The finished quality of his work shows his attention to detail and understanding of what the non-Aboriginal didjeridu market prefer. His yiḏaki often have exceptional playing characteristics which are now well know by didjeridu musicians and collectors world-wide.

For many years Gapanbulu resided in WA with his family. More recently he has returned to live on his clan lands at Biranybirany and often works together with Dhapa Ganambarr between Dhanaya and Biranybirany outstation communities.