Homeland: Bäniyala
Clan: Madarrpa, Yithuwa group
Moiety: Yirritja

Father is Mundukul, a name for the Ancestral Lightning Snake and the Black Headed Python found amonst other places Baraltja on Madarrpa clan land – the subject of many of Marrirra’s paintings. He is the oldest surving son of Mundukul. His brother artists are Watjinbuy (dec 2000), Bakulaŋay (dec 2002) and Ŋulwurr. He resides at Baniyala, his active role as ‘chief lieutenant’ under Wakuthi (dec. 2005) has been documented on film by Ian Dunlop. Also known as Gumbaniya. He has had health issues of his own which he has dealt with in customary courageous and phlegmatic style. As he ages his output has slowed considerably but the quality of his pieces is unchanging. It is not unusual to queries about works of his from the seventies in collections or private hands.