Homeland: Waṉḏawuy
Clan: Djapu
Moiety: Dhuwa

Son of award winning artist Djutjadjutja Munuŋgurr c1935 -’99. His mother is a Madarrpa woman, old Wapukay c1937. He choses to reside at the major Djapu homeland of Wandawuy with his wife Burrtjalk #2 who can assist him with his painting at times and extended family. He is the current senior Djapu man residing at Wandawuy, well versed in traditional law and culture. This seniority was recognised when he was selected by the elders as the Djapu artist in the Wukiḏi installation. This clan which has supplied artists such as Wongu, Maw, Djutjadjutja and Mutitjpuy now relies on Meŋa as senior ceremonial artist.