Homeland: Yirrkala
Clan: Gumatj
Moiety: Yirritja
I am the daughter of Banduk Marika and the grand daughter of Mawalan Marika (1). There has always been alot of influence from this side of the family when it comes to art, especially as most of the family are or have been known for their traditional art. I grew up outside of this community in Darwin and in Newcastle so I’ve also had a lot of western influence. I enjoy working with my mother painting and helping her with her prints. It’s only been fairly recent that I started doing my own works.

Ruby Alderton is the youngest daughter of award winning artist Banduk Marika. At just 18 she is developing her strong talent for printmaking and has recently begun painting on bark. She was chosen to curate the exhibition Three in company with Jenny Fraser and Shauna Tilmouth at the Chan Contemporary Art Space in July 2012. In the same year she was chosen as a finalist in both the Telstra NATSIAA and Print Council Awards.

In 2013 she had her daughter Ellen and returned to work as a printmaker at Buku-Larrnggay.