Dhalinybuy – A freshwater community on the banks of the Cato river surrounded by Stringybark forest.

Mutamul – One of the region’s most remote homelands with no airstrip or regular road access. It is on the ocean side of Arnhem Bay near Godjiboi Point facing the Nalwarung Strait.

Group Mandjikay

Language Dhangu

Surname(s) Munyarryun, Djerrkura

Spiritual Themes

Nguykal – The journeys of ancestral power totem the Kingfish connect the Wangurri to other clans such as Manggalili and Guyamirrilili. It is related to the sacred object imbued with mangrove worms floating between salt and freshwater estates.

Wulwala – Is a saltwater estate that encompasses a range of totemic species, Giant Clam, Squid, Crayfish, Octopus, Turtle along with knives, anchors, coral spawn and cloud.

Ngathu – is the Cycad which served as a sustaining staple when ceremonially prepared into flour and thence cakes.


In 1937 Thomson describes Binydjarrpuma as the leader of a large population of clanspeople from the Arnhem Bay region. In 1942 he made him a leader of one of the sections of the Northern Territory Special Reconnaisance Squadron. Bulambi was an associate of Wonggu at this time and was himself a member of the NTSRU. His son, Gatjil Djerrkura was Chair of ATSIC in the 90’s.

The Dhalingbuy homeland has been sustained by Mathulu and Bawurr, their wives and children. Djakapurra Munyarryun is one of Australia’s leading Indigenous dancers and choreographers and a driving force behind Bangarra Dance. His brothers including Mirrwatnga have made Dhalingbuy a focus of the world yidaki scene.

Buwathay (Mungandjiwuy) is a Uniting Church Minister and a fine artist who painted a major piece for the Saltwater Collection.