Homeland: Yalaŋbara
Clan: Rirratjiŋu
Moiety: Dhuwa

My name is Wedu Marika but everyone calls me Phillip. I was born in Yirrkala and I am a Rirratjingu man. I work in Buku-Larrnggay Mulka art centre. I do strapping and wrapping of the barks and larratjki. Sometimes I go to the bush to cut bark for the artists.I enjoy my job alot. On the weekend I like to go hunting with my brothers. I have 4 brothers, I am the youngest one. I have sisters on my fathers side. My mother is Nancy Mununggirritj and my father is Bruno Marika. My great grandfather was Wandjuk Marika. He was a good artist and played yidaki. He was a strong leader.