Homeland: Waṉḏawuy
Clan: Djapu
Moiety: Dhuwa

Father is Nganditiku. Wunduru mostly lives between her own homeland of Wandawuy and her son’s homeland of Biranybirany. Her artwork exclusively depicts either of these two estates.

Wunduru was married to important artist and lawman Miniyawany Yunupiŋu for many years. She supported him in art production and assisted with intricate crosshatching on some of his masterpieces.

After his death in 2008 she continued to paint in her won right as well as supporting her son Wanapati who was only 18 at the time. In 2021 Wanapati featured in a groundbreaking exhibition called Murrŋiny – a story of metal from the east. Following her son’s success in the new medium of dremelled metal she has been able to concentrate on producing fine art in her own name.