Homeland: Waṉḏaway

Father is Wurrayarra, a son of Woŋgu. This young woman has worked as an artist for several years and is developing a precise hand on paintings of her own Djapu clan as well as her mother’s Maḏarrpa clan. Her mother is Burrtjalk. This is a summary of her mother’s self- penned biography;

“Born at Gurka’wuy and moved to live at Bäniyala with my mother (Djultjul) and father (Mundukuḻ). When I was a little girl, when my father died we moved to Roper River and stayed for a long time, until I finished school. Then I went to Numbulwar and married Dhäkiyarr son of the great warrior Woŋgu Mununggurr, We lived at Numbulwar for many years, then moved to Yirrkala. I worked sewing girri (clothes) shorts, shirts, for school uniform for the (djamarrkuḻi) children. Then we moved to Garrthalala and my husband and I worked together painting bark and carving wood. Then we moved to my Mäḻu’s wäŋa (fathers country) Bäniyala and worked at making an air strip for our Homeland. Then we moved to my husbands wäŋa-(place) Waṉdawuy for good. I have 3 boys and 5 girls and lots of grandchildren.”

Yimula is a mother herself now and generally lives at Gunyuŋara (Ski Beach) where she is a full time artist.