Homeland: Biranybirany
Clan: Gumatj, Rrakpala group
Moiety: Yirritja

Yirrinyina is from Birany Birany on the coast of Caledon Bay but currently lives at the Yirrkala community with her husband and family. Her father was Bunungu Yunupiŋu and her mother was Gapita Munuŋgurr. Yirrinyina was married to Djapu leader Minyipa Mununggurr until his death, a learned elder who painted for the Saltwater Project which led to sea rights. She has acted as a dialysis nurse for her husband who was one of the first and longest surviving renal patients to self-dialysise in the community.

Yirrinyina helped establish the Laynhapuy Screenprinting Workplace, producing images on fabric. She now works as an Aboriginal Health worker for Laynhapuy Health Service (homeland Association), concentrating on women’s health, and studying through the Miwatj Health System. Yirrinyina explains that her name is derived from a land form, the Eastern point of Nanydjaka (cape Arnhem) which is opposite Gumatj clan land, Daliwuy. She also spends time at her husbands Homeland-Waṉḏawuy, where they have a house.

 She also originated the use of parrot fish bones in necklaces.