Homeland: Yirrkala
Clan: Rirratjiŋu
Moiety: Dhuwa

“My name is Ishmael Marika. I am the grandson of Milirrpum Marika, the lead plaintiff in the Gove Land Rights case. I am the son of Gary Waninya Marika, who has an Order of Australia for services to Indigenous health. My mother is Yalmakany Marawili – she is a Yirrkala Ranger and exhibited artist, a sister to Djambawa Marawili. I was born in Nhulunbuy but spent my youth in Yilpara. I went to Nhulunbuy Primary School before going to Melbourne to finish years 8 and 9. I finished years 10-12 at a school in Darwin before retuning to Yirrkala in 2009. I worked as a ranger for 6 months before coming to work at the Mulka Project where I have been since 2010.” Ishmael is currently a director, editor, and production officer at The Mulka Project in Yirrkala. He has worked on numerous Yolngu cultural productions including documentations of dhapi, bapurru, and other ceremonial events, as well as sporting, community and meeting activities. Ishmael is best know for his documentary on Yolngu and rights entitled Wanga Watangumirri Dharuk which has screened at many festivals as well as a private screening with the East Timor President Ramos Horta. Ishmael has had worked commissioned by the ABC and was an invitee to Primavera.